About Us

Who We Are

V-Lock Italia Srl is founded by the twenty years experience of two companies leader in the construction of plant for Oil & Gas, specialized in the treatment of gaseous fluid and petroleum derivatives.

The need to fully meet the demands of customers in the field of components and accessories for oil & gas plants, has led us to found V-Lock Italia Srl, which designs and manufactures quick opening closures (or QOC).

V-Lock Italia due to its internal structure is able to achieve any kind of gas or oil plant closures QOC, which can be installed on various types of pressure vessels such as launcher and receiver pig traps, Gas Filters with vertical or horizontal installation, manhole, handhole, Filters Separators, Three-phase filters, etc..

V-Lock also ensures design in accordance to the relevant regulations of the vessel (for ex. ASME VIII Div 1 code, PED 97/23/EC. Cod., Etc ...) through the use of dedicated calculation software.
Our technical managers use CAD software to develop drawings and the final quality control checks are strictly conducted by specialized operators (MT-PT-UT VT-RX-II Lev. SNT TC 1A).

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