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Quick Opening Closures

The types of quick opening closures made from V-Lock Italia are 3 and can be customized according to the specifications and requirements of the customer:

  • Threaded Quick Opening Closure (QOC THD)
    Composed from 2 forged pieces: the male (threaded) to be welded to vessel and the female. The opening / closing is done by screwing the female to the male.
  • Quick Opening Closure with double CLAMP and single operating rod
    composed from 3 forged pieces: Hub to be welded to the vessel, Cover and clamps tightened by a single rod.
    The opening / closing is performed by acting on the rod which opens or closes the jaws.
  • Quick Opening Closure with sector locking system
    composed from 2 forged pieces: Hub and cover.The opening / closing is performed by acting on a rapid mechanism which locks / unlocks the sectors.

The V-Lock Italia quick opening closures cover a range from 2 "to 72" with Pressure Rating up to 2500 and temperature from -46 ° C to +315 ° C.
The materials used (forged carbon steel and stainless steel) are fully certified.

These components are especially used as closures for pressure plants, QOC closures for oil and gas pipelines.

Our equipments are guaranteed for up to 2 years after delivery and 6 months after installation.

V-Lock Italy S.r.l. headquartered is in Mazzo di Rho (MI).

We have modern office and manufacturing plant with operators and qualified welders ASME/EN.

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